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District #1 Miami County Kansas

Thank you for joining the fun of sharing your memories through audio recordings with the Louisburg Library community.  Below are the instructions on recording, uploading, and sharing your recording.


We are using Clyp to record/upload sharing your audio memories.

  1. Go to Clyp
  2. Click on the Upload button
  3. Clyp will ask you to create an account
    -You can use Facebook to create your account.

    -If you create an account you will have to go to your email to click a link to verify your email.  
  4. A pop up window will open with two options available as tabs at the top of the window.  You can record your memory or upload an audio file that you have previously recorded.  
    Select the correct tab at the top for what you want to do.
    - UPLOAD:  Drag and drop your file in the open window or click to find your file and upload it.
    -RECORD:  Click on the big yellow button, and start talking, Click the button to stop recording.  (Your microphone and the website will have to be in working order.)  You can listen to your audio recording before uploading it, by clicking the big yellow button that now has the play symbol.  When you are happy with your recording - Click Upload.
  5. After uploading your audio recording you will need to title your recording and click SAVE.
  6. Email Holly the URL to your recording.
    -The pop up window will close and your audio clip will show across the open Clyps window.  Copy the URL of your audio clip and email it to Holly.
  7. Your audio memory will be shared on this website for the community to enjoy.  It may take several days for your memory to appear on this webpage.




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