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Caleb Smith knew when he was just eight years old that he needed to make a change in the world, and so he did. He found endangered and rescued rabbits that needed a safe haven and trained them to become therapy animals for humans who needed the same thing. Now he's twice as old with twice as much wisdom. Caleb is another unlikely entrepreneur who owns and operates a private sanctuary called Peacebunny Island. It's simple, really: Caleb saves rabbits, and the rabbits help save us.

Before he even knew it, Caleb was developing skills most adults yearn for - the drive and commitment needed to spread kindness and compassion in a sustainable environment. He didn't find other interests and lose sight of his young goals. Instead, he founded a program wherein his rescued therapy rabbits visit with veterans, senior citizens, families with special needs, and more. His Peacebunny Island is a 22-acre preservation along the Mississippi River. Developing it wasn't easy, and he persevered, overcoming challenges and obstacles along the way. His advocacy for animal rescue, comfort animal training, and endangered species preservation is inspiring, as is his undeniable role as a model of passion and grit for future generations of young people.

As such, Peacebunny Island is the focus of book clubs for Louisburg Middle School students on Wednesday, October 20th and for eligible students who homeschool on Friday, October 22nd.

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