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Adulting 101

This series of classes will teach ages 16+ those simple things that many of us take for granted, like how to sew on a button, basic cooking, or how to clean your apartment.  The classes will cover those "adult" things that someone else in the house may have taken care of, or you didn't know you would need to learn.  

--because life doesn't come with instructions--

Register for all classes by Noon the day before.


Sewing - Rescheduled
Wednesday, February 27 @ 6 pm

Everyone comes face-to-face with missing buttons at some point.  Knowing how to repair apparel mishaps instills confidence, saves money for other needs, and gives a better overall appearance.  Participants will learn how to sew on buttons, other basic sewing tips, and go home with a sewing kit.
Presented by Louisburg Library.   Register by Noon on Feb 26.


Nutrition Essentials
Wednesday, February 20 @ 6 pm

Healthy eating does not have to be complicated!  Learn the basics of good nutrition for your health and your taste buds. Participants will learn to make educated decisions about food selection and meal planning.  
Presented by K-State Research and Extension.   Register by Noon on Feb 19.


Cooking Basics
Wednesday, March 6 @ 6 pm

Successful cooking, whether from scratch or using ready-to-prepare items, is fundamental to adulting! Cooking at home saves money and can improve your health.  In this hands-on class, participants will learn the fundamentals of measuring and recipes as well as basic skills used in cooking.  
Presented by K-State Research and Extension. Register by Noon on Mar 5.


Spring Cleaning
Wednesday, March 20 @ 6 pm

In Spring, or any time of year, cleaning is a necessary task!  Cleaning & maintaining your living space can not only save you money but reduce your stress. Participants will learn about setting and maintaining a household cleaning schedule and also some "how to" for various fixtures and appliances.
Presented by K-State Research and Extension.   Register by Noon on Mar 19.


Apparel Management
Wednesday, April 3 @ 7 pm

A well-planned wardrobe doesn’t have to cost a fortune!  Basic styles of clothing provide the flexibility for professional dress in the workplace and running errands on the weekend.Participants will learn how to mix and match items of clothing to meet their needs throughout the week.  Tips for laundry care will also be provided.  
Presented by K-State Research and Extension.   Register by Noon on Apr 2.


T ime Management
Wednesday, April 17 @ 7 pm

Time is a valuable resource that must be protected!  If we do not pay careful attention to how we allocate our time, we can become frustrated when we do not see any results for efforts we have made.   Participants will learn how to effectively manage their time, based on the aspects of their life that they have determined as most meaningful and important.  
Presented by K-State Research and Extension.   Register by Noon on Apr 16.


Fire & Police Safety
Tuesday, April 30 @ 7 pm

Your safety is important. Learn about some of the skills, plans and paperwork you can have to ease the stress during a difficult time. Use this opportunity to ask questions of your first responders.  
Presented by Louisburg Fire Department & Louisburg Police Department.
Register by Noon on Apr 29.


Fake News
Tuesday, May 14 @ 7 pm

We live in a world where “news” is everywhere and people share what they think instead of what they know. Learn how to tell the difference between what’s real and what’s fake and why it’s important to make the distinction.  
Presented by Louisburg Library.   Register by Noon on May 13.


Watch the website for future classes.

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