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November & December 2021 selections

Press 1 for Preschool Stories

1.    Kansas Reads to Preschoolers 2021 chosen title:
Grumpy Bird by Jeremy Tankard

2.    Celebrations Around the World by Katy Halford (illustrated)

3.    How to Catch an Elf by Adam Wallace & Andy Elkerton

4.    Santa Mouse Meets Marmaduke by Michael Brown

5.    Jingle-Jingle by Nicola Smee

Press 2 for Kid Stories

1.     What Do You Celebrate? Holidays and Festivals Around the World by Whitney Stewart

2.     The Adventures of Miss Petitfour by Anne Michaels

3.     Top Elf by Caleb Zane Huett

4.     The Ambassador of Nowhere Texas by Kimberly Willis Holt

5.     Wilma Tenderfoot: The Case of the Frozen Hearts by Emma Kennedy

Press 3 for Young Adult

1.     Salt and Sea by Kendall Kulper

2.     Willful Machines by Tim Floreen

3.     Confessions of a Hater by Caprice Crane

4.     Dare Me by Megan Abbott

5.     The Poison Heart by Kalynn Bayron

Press 4 for Adults

1.     The Viscount Who Loved Me by Julia Quinn

2.     Black Friday by William W. Johnstone with J.A. Johnstone

3.     Family Affair by Debbie Macomber

4.    A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, Part 1

5.    A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, Part 2

6.    A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, Part 3

7.    A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, Part 4

8.    A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, Part 5


Press 5 for Christmas Music provided by Free Music Archive (www.freemusicarchive.org)


           1.     Angels We Have Heard on High by Podington Bear

           2.     Ave Maria by Podington Bear

           3.     Jingle Bells by Podington Bear

           4.     O Holy Night by Podington Bear

           5.     O Little Town Of Bethlehem by Podington Bear

           6.     Silent Night by Podington Bear

           7.     The First Noel by Podington Bear

           8.     We Wish You A Merry Christmas by Podington Bear




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Stories & More - for Children, Teens, and Adults

Do you want to hear a story from Louisburg Library any time?  

Call the library's Dial A Story phone line at 800-576-0064.  You'll hear stories for children, teens and adults, as well as jokes, trivia and more!  We're here to read to you, wherever you go!  Stuck in line? Sitting down to a meal? Bored on the couch?  Take a break from the computer screen, build early literacy skills, and have fun!  Stories will change monthly and quarterly.

Some items are read by your librarians, and some by other great narrators, but all have been carefully selected by the Louisburg library team for your enjoyment.  And no internet required - just a phone!

Our menu of choices is varied and long so here it is if you prefer to see it so you can go right to your choice.  At the end of each selection, you will automatically be redirected to the main menu, but if you don't want to wait until the end, you can HIT # to go to the main menu.