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Mary Richter

Library Assistant  |  July 2022

1. Cat Kid Comic Club by Dav Pilkey
Since I have grandchildren, I am exposed to their many favorite books.  This series is one of their favorites.  The book is a spin-off of Pilkey's Dog Man series.  Li'l Petey, the main character, decides to design a club for drawing comics and enlists the help of his friends, Flippy and Molly.  This is a delightful and entertaining book for young readers.  

2. I have a Superpower by Stephen Curry
Most people know Steph Curry as a fantastic NBA Golden State Warrior's basketball player.  He is also an author and his book inspires young readers telling them they can unlock their own "superpowers" and be successful.  The book parallels Curry's own journey to the NBA which was not easy, but he prevailed and wants young readers to know they, too, can do it.  (set to be released in September)

3. Cats vs. Robots #1: This War by Margaret Stohl and Lewis Peterson
This young reader's book is about robot overlords, secret feline agents, and earthling humans.  It is hilarious and draws in coding and other STEM applications thus making the story fun and educational.  Readers in 5th and 6th grade will especially enjoy reading this book.

4. The Firm by John Grisham
Published in 1991, this book began my odyssey of John Grisham books.  To this day, I still enjoy reading his books in my personal library.  This book details the experiences of a young lawyer who recently graduated law school and became an employee of a very prestigious law firm in Memphis.  Even the settings are based on actual places in Memphis.  Everything starts out fine, but eventually turns suspenseful.  Grisham draws his readers into the story using his own legal experience as a lawyer.

5. Livid by Patricia Cornwell
Livid is a new book by Cornwell and will be made public in October.  I began reading her books many years ago and thoroughly enjoyed the main character, Kay Scarpetta, a chief medical examiner.  According to previews, the book is about the shocking and suspicious death of a judge's sister.