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Contact Holly McLain at [email protected] or 837-2217 for more information. 

Writer's Rendezvous is a writing support group - offering encouragement, inspiration and motivation.

Members will feel free to bring portions of their writing to share with the group.  In return the group will provide gentle constructive criticism to elevate every member's writing.

“Writing a book is a horrible, exhausting struggle, like a long bout of some painful illness. One would never undertake such a thing if one were not driven on by some demon whom one can neither resist nor understand.”—George Orwell

Meet Our Members

Katie Arnett

I taught in Kansas classrooms for over forty years. The kids sitting in the desks in front of me helped me grow up, showed me a much more wonderful world was ahead of us. They were right, and it’s in their hands. My husband and I are now retired. Our five sons have given us sixteen grandchildren. I can tell a lot of stories. Before I let go, I’m writing down some things that have been dancing in my head for a long time.

The trouble with writing is so much of the story you tell is your own story, but characters shoulder in to tell it their way. Readers know it’s hard to rein in a character. Let’s just say, the truth is in the telling, not in the facts.

Here goes: We come from Western Kansas, and we’ve heard lots of stories about the Wild West, about the farmers and their hard times. But I don’t want to tell those stories. I want to write about the guy that you and I saw in the waiting room, or the little girl we didn’t know was so desperate. I want to look at people from the top of the windmill and from the sand they kick up walking. I want the tables to turn on a jerk so I can call her out. I want to escort her to the crossroads, then watch awhile, see what she does. I don’t know what will happen after that, and I don’t know if anyone will ever read a word I say about life, what it teaches me. But I do know this, a lot of truth is saved in those words. My truth, anyway.

Member Recommendations...



  • Writing Tools: 50 Essential Strategies For Every Writer by Roy Peter Clark
  • On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft by Stephen King
  • Lessons from a Lifetime of Writing: A Novelist Looks at His Craft by David Morrell

Writing Contests & Workshops

That is not all ...

Jack Kline

He spent years floundering, an aimless but observant member of the lunchbox masses. Jack wasted his first go at college dallying with rugby and beer and women - becoming accomplished in the former two and less so with the latter.  He remained with the same midwestern Parks and Recreation employer for more than 30 years, a rarity in these days of disposable employees.  

Jack raised a family, and with them moved to the country, south of Kansas City.  They own horses and dogs and even kept a brood of laying hens for a time.  He thought he was happy, and in many ways he was, but Jack had always kept things bottled up inside him - harboring a veritable winecellar of emotions stored underneath his middle-class life.

One day the corks began popping, and unable to verbally articulate the emotions gushing forth, he began to write them down.  Jack returned to college at the University of Kansas, where he became an honors Literature, Language and Writing student.  He earned the Peedee Brown Scholarship for Excellence in Literature Studies. and the KU English Department's Goldie L. Case Creative Writing Award.

His work has garnered other awards and has appeared in Star Magazine, United Kingdom's Prole Magazine, Kansas City Voices, Chicken Soup for the Soul, among others.

Jack’s collection of short stories, Blowing Carbon, was released in 2009, and his first novel, But Not For Me, in September, 2017.    

To help make this group beneficial to all please…

  • Participate in encouraging each other and helping to motivate each other.
  • Get to know your fellow writers.  Learn what genre they prefer to write.
  • If you know about a workshop, conference, or other opportunity for writers, please pass the information on to Holly.  She will then pass the information on to everyone in the group.  You may also pass something on directly to someone you know might be interested.
  • The group will work toward creating a publication with submissions from the group members.
  • Participate in the process by submitting some writing for review.
  • Try to attend the majority of the meetings in a year.  Inspire & Motivate each other to keep writing.
  • When a fellow writer submits a piece of writing, take time to read it and provide gentle constructive criticism.
  • Please let the group know the outcome of the critique.  Did you use that word suggested?  Did you rewrite it and submit the work?  Or even share the rewritten piece with the members for their enjoyment.

Writing Submission Guidelines:

  • ~2500 words OR ~10 pages, double spaced
  • Preferably submit it as a PDF, Microsoft Word file, or printed out and in Holly’s hands (Holly can scan it to make it a PDF)
  • Indicate, either on the submission or by email to Holly, the genre of your submission.  Tell us if it is part of a story (beginning, middle, or end) or if it is the full story.  You might need to give a sentence of background if it is not the beginning of the story.
  • 1 person/submission per month - first to submit goes first, Holly will keep track of which submission is up for review
  • Submit your writing to Holly at least 1 month—3 weeks before we meet  

Group Guidelines

2021 Schedule
This schedule is subject to change as needed.

Saturday, October 2  |  9:00 am  Louisburg Library
Review a Writing Submission from Katie A.


Saturday, November 6  |  9:00 am  
Louisburg Library
Review a Writing Submission from Zip C.


Saturday, December 4  |  9:00 am  
Louisburg Library

Review a Writing Submission or Writing Exercise

Download: Writer's Rendezvous Group Guidelines.pdf

Download: Writer's Rendezvous 2021 schedule.pdf