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Stop by every month to see what materials a staff member has to recommend.

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Adult Services |  June 2024

1. Hounded by Kevin Hearne (Iron Druid Chronicles)
My husband got me into this series, the Iron Druid Chronicles, and I absolutely loved it. This book series combines action, mythology, and humor in a fantastic way. Atticus O’Sullivan, a 2,000-year-old Druid, shares a special bond with his Irish Wolfhound, Oberon. Through telepathy, Atticus and Oberon navigate deadly encounters with ancient Irish gods who either want to eliminate Atticus or exploit him to gain power from other mythological deities.

2. Moon Called by Patricia Briggs (Mercy Thompson series)
I stumbled upon this book accidentally and soon found myself engrossed in the rest of the Mercy Thompson series. Mercy isn't your typical character; she tries to lead a normal life as a VW mechanic despite having a history degree she doesn't use. (I can relate, as I also have a history degree and enjoy this aspect of the story.) With her ability to transform into a coyote, she has connections to the supernatural realm. Surrounded by more powerful supernatural beings such as werewolves, vampires, and fae, she always finds herself in the midst of events, holding her ground and making things better.  

3. Iron King by Julie Kagawa (Iron Fey series)
The initial installment of the Iron Fey series introduces Meghan, whose life has felt incomplete since her father vanished when she was six. At sixteen, when her brother disappears, Meghan discovers her true identity as the daughter of a faery king, embroiled in a dangerous conflict. She navigates a mystical realm, facing peril while discovering love and a new aspect of herself.

4. Dragonsong by Anne McCaffrey (Harper Hall trilogy)
My husband introduced me to the Harper Hall trilogy, which revolves around dragons. I've always been fascinated by these majestic creatures as they bring a sense of grandeur and mystery to fictional worlds. This trilogy explores the planet Pern and the vital partnership between dragons and humans in safeguarding its people.


5. Homeland by R.A. Salvatore (The Legend of Drizzt Books)
Once again, my husband introduced me to the Drizzt novels penned by R.A. Salvatore. The Legend of Drizzt Books comprises numerous trilogies and quartets. Initially darker than my usual preference, I was quickly captivated by the character Drizzt. Drizzt, a unique dark elf, rejects evil and follows his conscience. The series transitions from the underdark, the home of the subterranean dark elves, to the surface world, where Drizzt transforms into a noble ranger and a revered hero.

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2022 Staff Picks

I absolutely love Historical Romances, it is my favorite genre. However, if romance is not available, I enjoy adding a touch of fantasy to my reading list.  If you haven’t already tried these fantasy reads, give them a try.

bookcover Hounded by Kevin Hearne
bookcover Moon Called by Patricia Briggs, links to library online catalogBookcover Iron King by Julie Kagawa, links to library catalog
Bookcover Dragonsong by Anne McCaffrey
Bookcover Homeland by R.A. Salvatore