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Stop by every month to see what books a staff member has to recommend.

Staff Picks

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Rusty Folsom

Technical Services  |  December 2022

1. Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman
Great book covering many of the Viking legends and lore of the Norse gods.  Interesting picture of the Characters we think of in the movies versus their legends.

2. American Gods by Neil Gaiman
Good book about the gods of old mythology being involved in the lives of everyday humans.

3. The Templar Revelation by Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince
The authors begin an investigation into Leaonado da Vinci and his strange belief in the importance of John the Baptist and the Templar belief that he was superior to Jesus

4. Fall (DVD)
Heart pounding movie about getting stuck on top of a radio tower in the desert.  Forcing the characters to face their own mortality and fears.

5. Scrooged (DVD)
Modern version of Dickens' A Christmas Carol.  Bill Murray is excellent in this film and it is always a must watch during the holidays.

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Bookcover Norse Mythology, links to library's catalog
Bookcover American Gods
Bookcover The Templar Revelation
movie cover for Fall, links to library's catalogmovie cover Scrooged, links to library's catalog