You are setting out on one of life’s greatest journeys...raising a reader

Think about it:

  • Studies have proven that children get ready to read years before they enter school. They explore print all around them, use language to communicate, are storytellers and recognize letters. These are the skills they need to have to be ready to read and the best way to get those skills is to be read to.
  • 1,000 books may seem like a big number if you haven’t broken it down.
    Want to spread the reading over 5 years? Then you would need to read a book every other day.  
    Want to finish the program in 2 years? That’s only less than 2 books a day.

How it Works:

  • Click this link to SIGN UP or LOG IN
  • Use the online reading tracker to keep a log of your books read.
  • Visit Louisburg Library every 100 BOOKS to get your photo taken for our 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten display...your child will also receive a small prize.
  • When you and your child have read a total of 1,000 books, visit the library for your final prize.

What we Suggest:

  • Have Fun! Read a variety of books in a variety of Curious George while outside at a picnic or read Punk Farm during bath time
  • Visit Story Time
  • Tell your own story
  • Read their favorites but also add some new books to expose new words and concepts as much as possible

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