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January 1, 2022 - March 1, 2022  |  All Ages

Take a bite out of the cold by participating in our annual Winter Read Program.   Winter is the perfect opportunity for you to celebrate the enjoyment and gratification of leisure reading and earn a prize.

Little Kids (babies & todders - 1st grade): read or listen to 20 picture or early reader books
Big Kids (2nd grade - 5th grade): read or listen to 2 chapter books
Young Adults (6th grade - 12th grade): read or listen to 2 books
Adults (ages 17+): read or listen to 3 books

Winter Read Header 2022

Watch for SummerBASH 2022!  |  All Ages

SummerBASH is where summer reading and events for all ages meet.  Louisburg Library has been hosting summer reading programs for decades. These days, the library celebrates SummerBASH over 8 weeks for kids, teens and adults. See you next summer!

Reading Challenge 2021 Beanstack header

January 1, 2021 - December 31, 2021  |  Adults

Challenge your reading habits in 2021!
Challenge yourself in 2021 to read books you wouldn’t normally read.  Each month this program will encourage you to read a different book.  For example: read a red book, read a short story collection, read a mystery/thriller, and more.

Louisburg Library offers a variety of programs on beanstack throughout the year.  Readers of all ages can register in minutes as individuals or a family and start completing activities, earning virtual badges, tickets for drawings, and real-world prizes.  Beanstack can be used all year to keep track of your reading and post reviews.  Use your account online or download the Beanstack Tracker App.

Start participating today!               

Louisburg Library's Online Reading Tracker

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Reading Challenge 2022 Beanstack header

January 1, 2022 - December 31, 2022  |  Adults

Challenge your reading habits in 2022!
Try new authors or genres, push yourself to read more, read differently and have fun reading this year.  Each month this program will encourage you to read a different book.  For example: read a purple book, read a book adapted to the screen, and more.