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We've changed our One Book, One Burg: Louisburg Reads program a bit. Instead of holding it in October, we are moving to February. We've tried to choose books that will engage a variety of readers so everyone will be able to offer a perspective that isn't one we've heard, necessarily. That means we've read a mixture of non-fiction and fiction, and adult and young adult titles. We threw a classic in when we read Tom Sawyer, and we're reading another classic to start off our 2023 reboot: Jack London's Call of the Wild.

Call of the Wild was written in 1903 and has had a resurgence since the film starring Harrison Ford was released in 2020.

A story about a man and his dog, it was considered by many to be London's greatest novel - a gripping survival story of a heroic dog that, thrust into the brutal life of the Alaska Gold Rush, ultimately faces a choice between living in a man's world and returning to nature.

Visit the library to pick up your complimentary copy of the book - please limit one per family so more people have the chance to participate. Then, throughout the month of February our goal is for each of you to actively seek ways to think about how animals play a part in our lives and share stories with your friends, your children and your family. Animals can so quickly become a part of our families, so don't miss this opportunity to let your pets know how much you love them - or consider getting one of your own, if you don't have one already.

Please bring those stories to the Intergenerational Book Discussion during the lunch hour. We will host a guided discussion with Homeschool students and members of the community at Louisburg Library. You read the book and join us and we'll provide the lunch!

Book Club Bundles are available at the library, if you have a group you would like to read with you. We even offer instructions on how to run a successful book club experience.

One Book, One Burg: Louisburg Reads
Book cover of The Call of the Wild by Jack London.  It links to the library's online catalog.Bookcover: Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand