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The 2021 selection for One Book, One Burg: Louisburg Reads is a book about differences, change and acceptance. Who Owns the Ice House? is co-authored by Clifton Taulbert and Gary Shoeniger. The first sentence of the Preface says it all: Entrepreneurship is a mindset that can empower ordinary people to accomplish the extraordinary. Who doesn't want to be one of those people? You can be. You just have to believe and work hard.

Clifton Taulbert tells his own story of how his uncle saw something in him when he was just a kid working in the cotton fields. He had determination, He had a strong work ethic. He had grit. He was bewildered when his uncle Cleve took him out of the fields to help him with his ice house. He didn't ask questions. He followed directions. He paid attention and through mutual respect, he made a life he never dreamed he

could have.

The eight life lessons might seem obvious - they take on a different context when you give yourself the space, courage and permission to dream: Choice; Opportunity; Action; Knowledge; Wealth; Brand; Community; and Persistence. When we allow a problem to become an opportunity, our whole mindset changes. When we take action to help others, we become better and stronger, and that internal code of conduct becomes a reflection in others. Take the time to read about Clifton and Cleve's incredible journey out of poverty and the extent to which their life choices changed lives.

***Meet co-author Gary Shoeniger and his colleague Jim Correll, a facilitator and business coach from Independence Community College ***

Visit the library to pick up your complimentary copy of the book - please limit one per family so more people have the chance to participate. Then, throughout the month of October our goal is for each of you to actively seek ways to think outside of your box. You probably do things every day without even realizing it. What can you do today, with intent, to take the next step in following your dreams - or solidify your work ethic? What can you do tomorrow? We will give you ideas, inspiration and motivation through events, projects and social media outlets. We have programs and events planned to encourage, empower and inform you about opportunities for entrepreneurship.

Book Club Bundles are available at the library, if you have a group you would like to read with you. We even offer instructions on how to run a successful book club experience.